Olivier Fontaine is the chef of the Dessirier restaurant in Paris, one of four establishments belonging to the Rostang group. Specializing in seafood, the restaurant is located on the Place du Maréchal Juin in the 17and borough. Olivier works daily to implement a sustainable development approach within his restaurant, accompanied by chef Yann Lainé.

A strong interest in the marine world


Olivier Fontaine has been interested in cooking since his childhood, this passion was transmitted to him by his grandfather. He obtained his professional baccalaureate in Eragny in 1990 and then acquired his first experience at the Royal Monceau in Deauville. He opened his first establishment in 1991, the Auberge de l'Abbaye de Noirlac, in Bruère-Allichamps in the Cher department.

After these first two experiences, Olivier arrived in Paris in 1992 and went through different establishments: the Pré Catelan in the Bois de Boulogne, the Laurent restaurant on the Champs-Elysées, the Tour d'Argent where he worked for four years. He then joined the staff of Maison Rostang, at the bistro Côté mer, still in Paris. It was during this last experience, which lasted 4 years, in a restaurant specializing in seafood, that he became aware of the importance of learning about the origin of fisheries resources.

This awareness is all the stronger since he is himself a recreational fisherman, fishing in fresh water and at sea during his holidays, which he generally spends in Noirmoutier. He practices shore fishing there, remaining very attentive to the species caught and respecting the seasons. He also enjoys snorkeling for lobster and scallops.


The restaurant Dessirier


It was in 2005 that Olivier Fontaine joined the Dessirier restaurant to take charge of the kitchens. He is accompanied on a daily basis by chef Yann Lainé who also supervises all the kitchens of the restaurants of the Rostang group.

The two chefs have decided to implement a sustainable development approach within the establishment in order to reduce the environmental impact of their activities as much as possible.



Sustainable Seafood


The actions implemented within the restaurant primarily concern seafood products, which are chosen according to their sustainability and avoiding weakened species. Olivier and Yann get their supplies mainly in France, from artisanal fishermen along the Atlantic coast, as well as from the Saint-Gilles fish auction in Vendée as far as the Bay of Seine in Normandy. Their flagship dish is macaroni gratin with Breton lobster, a crustacean whose stocks are doing well.

The two chefs are committed to transmitting these values to their team to unite them around the issues of fishing and the ocean. They also educate their customers by introducing them to lesser-known species, such as the mullet.

In cooking, fish are used in their entirety. Bones and heads are used for aromas, for example, so as not to waste these precious resources.


Sustainable development


Olivier and Yann want to have a consistent approach to all environmental issues. They are therefore attentive not only to supplies but also to the fight against food waste, the recovery of bio-waste and energy optimization.

Fruits and vegetables are purchased according to the seasons. Producers are chosen as close as possible in order to limit carbon emissions linked to transport.

The restaurant also offers more containers made of recyclable or compostable material for take-out, in order to limit the waste produced. Finally, particular attention is paid to the management of electricity and gas.

Olivier and Yann wanted to make their approach a reality by joining the network of restaurateurs committed to the preservation of sea resources and thus benefit from the support of Ethic Ocean for the selection of their seafood products.



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